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Annual Heritage Awards

Each year the Peterborough Historical Society recognizes the contributions and efforts made by community members in exploring, celebrating and preserving the rich cultural and architectural history of the Peterborough area.

Except for the Tom and Christine Symons Award, recipients must be residents of the City of Peterborough or of Peterborough County. Normally, nominations will be considered for accomplishments or projects completed in the previous year.

Michael Eamon (right) receives George A. Cox Award to Trent University from PHS President Dale Standen, June 2019
Michael Eamon (right) receives George A. Cox Award to Trent University from PHS President Dale Standen, June 2019

There are seven award categories:

The Thomas H.B. and Christine Symons Heritage Award for an outstanding one-time or ongoing contribution to local, regional, provincial, national or international heritage causes made by residents, former residents, groups, businesses or organizations from or to the Peterborough region.

The Samuel Armour Award recognizes the development and/or delivery of programs, activities or curriculum based local history material that engages students in exploring the diverse history of the region.

The J. Hampden Burnham Award recognizes the completion and presentation of a major project in any media such as a painting, video, web design, newspaper articles, etc that promotes awareness of the history of the region. 

The George Cox Award recognizes the sympathetic redesign or sensitive new construction that respects the existing character of significant cultural resources, such as buildings, cultural landscapes, period gardens or the preservation of manuscripts, photographic collections, etc.

The F.H. Dobbin Award recognizes the publication of a major work, either fiction or non-fiction that focuses on Peterborough’s past. 

The Martha Kidd Award honors the memory of Martha Kidd, historian of architecture and of Peterborough’s built heritage, and recognizes outstanding work in the preservation of our region’s built heritage.

The Charlotte Nicholls Award recognizes a substantial donation, either financial or in kind or services, towards the commemoration of a historic structure, artifact, cultural landscape, etc.

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Student History Awards

PHS presents an award to the graduating student who achieves the highest mark in history at each Secondary School in Peterborough. The awards are presented at the school’s graduating ceremony.