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List of Historical Plaques

The following is a list of historical plaques erected by PHS. Donors who sponsored the cost of the plaques are noted beside the name of the plaque:

Anson House (on trail Anson St. and Water St.) by Elwood H. Jones
Ashburnham Railway Station (between Hunter St. E. and Robinson St. on trail) by the Corbett Family: Andy, Vanessa, Pierce, Garret
Auburn House (off Armour Rd. behind Paddock Wood condos) by PHS
Blythe Mill (Water St. N. at Mill St.) by Jim and Ruth Lillico
Bridge Works (Millenniun Trail) by Katherine N. Hooke
Canon Davidson Home (64 Hunter St. E.) by Dr. And Mrs. Robert Hinton
Dickson-Arlidge House (14 Murray Street) by Peterborough Kiwanis Music Festival
Dickson Raceway (at London St. footbridge) by Charles Michael Townsend
Gas Works (on Millennium trail, Simcoe St. at Otonabee River) by Stewart Brown
Grand Trunk Bridge (west end of Dufferin St.) by PHS
Grand Trunk Railway Links (on trail Parkhill Rd. and Benson Ave.) by PHS
Hamilton Park (in park on Bonaccord Ave.) by Dr. Terry Hawkins “a Bonaccord St. kid”
Inverlea Park (Parkhill Rd. at Denistoun Ave.) by PHS, Rotary International and City of Peterborough
Isolation Hospital (in park at Water St. and Langton St.) by Peterborough Medical Association
Jackson Park 
(on trail near Gazebo) by Susan Fairs and Amy Gagne in memory of Bertram Douglas Boyce
King Edward Park (in the park facing George St. S.) by The King Edward Park Association
Kingdon Barrel Factory (on trail at Barnardo Ave.) by Grandchildren of Stan Kingdon
Lakefield Cement Factory (on trail 220 m south of Lakefield) by PHS
Malone House (north of Dunlop St. and Armour Rd. intersection) by PHS
Mattress Factory (on trail south of Douro St.) by PHS
Missing Link (on trail at Brock St. and Bethune St.) by Robert Allen Green
Nassau Mills (west side Nassau Mills Rd., 100 m south of Armour Rd.) by PHS
Nicholls Hospital (on trail north of Argyle St.) by PHS
Nicholls Oval (on trail at Parkhill Rd. and Inverlea bridge) by the William Corbett Family in memory of Bessie Wand-Weir-Stevenson
Nogojiwanong (Replaced by City panels on trail south end of Water St.) by PHS
Normal School (on trail north of Park Hill Rd. and Benson Ave.) by Retired Teachers of Ontario (RTO) Peterborough Branch
Ontario Canoe Company (south of Hunter St. E. on Rotary trail) by PHS
Orange Hall (on trail Nassau Mills Rd. at River Rd.) by PHS
Peterborough and Chemong Railway (on trail at Hilliard St.) by PHS
Queen Alexandra School (on trail near Barnardo Ave.) by PHS
Reid House (100 m south of Armour Rd. intersection with trail) by PHS
Robert Reid, 1773-1856 (east side Nassau Mills Rd. start of northern trail) by the descendants of Robert Reid
Rogers Raceway (Driscoll Terrace at Douro St.) by Dennis Carter-Edwards
Smith Canoe Voyage (Marina pier off George St.) by PHS
Streetcar Era (on trail near Hilliard St. and Water St.) by PHS
Streetcar Turnaround (in Hamilton Park at Monaghan Ave. and Parkhill Rd.) by Dr. J. Trevor Hawkins “a Bonaccord St. kid”
Wenonah Motor Court (trail in park north of Riverside Zoo at Water St.) by Greater Peterborough Chamber of Commerce

The Plaque program is temporarily suspended, but suggestions for new plaques are welcomed and can be submitted using the form on our Contact page.