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Virtual Programs and Resources

Check out our virtual workshops and online videos. There is something for everyone!

Cross Stitch Workshop (presented in partnership with the Museum Management and Curatorship students at Fleming College)

To view the first installment of the virtual workshop, head over to our YouTube channel:

To view the second installment of the virtual workshop, click here.

Interested in checking out some of the historical patterns? Follow the links below:

Beginner’s Guide to Cross Stitch

Caroline Emerson, Aged 9, 1830 Cross Stitch Pattern

Eliza Mutch, 1856 Cross Stitch Pattern

Susan Davis, Aged 13, 1831 Cross Stitch Pattern

Ellin Lancaster, Aged 8, 1863 Cross Stitch Pattern

Interested in adapting the virtual workshop for use in the classroom? The students at Fleming College’s Museum Management and Curatorship program have prepared lesson plans for Grades 3, 6, 8, and 10.

Grade 3 Lesson Plan

Grade 6 Lesson Plan

Grade 8 Lesson Plan

Grade 10 Lesson Plan

Cross Stitch Samplers: Historical Notes

Early Settler Camp

Try out some fun at-home activities with our Early Settler Camp. Make butter, design a 19th century toy, make some 19th century recipes, and even try your hand at making some log cabin art.

Click the link to view the playlist:

Untold Stories of Hutchison House

We uncover some little-known stories surrounding Hutchison House and Peterborough.

Click the link to view the playlist:

Flirting Like a Victorian

Do you want to up your relationship game? Check out our videos where we teach you how to flirt like a Victorian!

An Awkward Love Triangle

A Romantic Rivalry

A Garden Scandal

PHS Talks: Virtual Lectures

Interested in checking out some of the Peterborough Historical Society’s past lectures? You can find many of them on our YouTube channel.

Pandemics Past & Present

Musician of Extraordinary Merit: Joseph Churchill Arlidge

The Cradle of Canadian Literature

Personal Remembrance of Remembrance Days Past

Packed to the Doors: The Electric City Goes to the Movies

Artifacts at Hutchison House Museum

The Peterborough House of Refuge

The State of Politics in Ontario and Canada

The Many Working Lives of Robert Romaine

Rediscovering the Hutchison House Herbal Garden