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Occasional Papers

1The Liftlock StoryPerry, Alicia1980Out of Print
2Hutchison HouseCole, Jean Murray19812.00
3Railroads in the Peterborough Area from 1830Turner, J. H.1982Out of Print
4A philatelic studyBowley, R.E.1983Out of Print
5Peterborough In The Hutchison-Fleming Era 1845-46Cole, Jean1984$6.00
6Nineteenth Century Stencils Found in OntarioScobie, Violet L1985$6.00
7Anne Langton: Pioneer Woman and ArtistWilliams, Barbara1986Out of Print
8John Stephenson and the Famous “Peterborough” CanoeStephenson, Gerald F.19876.00
9Heritage Preservation In Peterborough: The Cox Terrace and George A. CoxJones, Elwood H, Kidd, Martha Ann, Hobbs, Jim1988$6.00
10Hockey in PeterboroughBarrie, Don1990Out of Print
11Sandford Fleming: No Better InheritanceCole, Jean Murray1990$6.00
12Intermittent Ambition: Bridges Over The Otonabee River since 1825Jones, Elwood H1991$6.00
13From Campsite To Cottage: Early Stoney LakeHooke, Katherine N1992$6.00
14From Douro To Dublin: the letters Of Frances Stewart (1794-1872)Lewis, Joyce1994$6.00
15A Literary Discovery: the ‘western reminiscences’ of
F.M de la Fosse, Peterborough’s first librarian
Rahmel, Fern1994$6.00
16150 years of museums and historyDoherty, Ken1995$6.00
17James McCarroll; Alias Terry Finnegan: newspapers, controversy and literature in Victorian CanadaPeterman, Michael1996$6.00
18Peterborough Sixty Years Ago (from 1897)Burnham, J.Hampton1997$6.00
19Mining at NephtonGuillet, G. Robert1998Out of Print
20My Old Friend the Otonabee. Glimpses by Samuel Strickland, Catherine Paar Traill, and Suzanna MoodiePeterman, Michael1999$6.00
21The Gypsies that visited Peterborough in 1909Jones, Elwood H2001Out of Print
22The enduring legacy of the Balsillie Collection of Roy Studio ImagesLeonard, Jim2002$6.00
23The Peterborough PotteriesBrown, Ken2003$6.00
24Short History of The Town Of Peterborough 1901Hay, Thomas A.S.2004$6.00
25To Fare Sumptuously Every Day: Rambles among Upper Canadian dishes and repasts together with authentic menus and culinary receiptsWilliamson, Mary2004$6.00
26Eyesore or Ornament: A Brief History Of Jackson CreekCarter, Meredith2005$6.00
27Edwardian Peterborough: Proceedings of the Edwardian Conference2006$6,00
28The Peterborough Law Association and the Law LibraryDavidson, Lois Catherine2008$6.00
29The Elusive Isabella Valancy CrawfordPeterman, Michael A20096.00
30David Thompson, George E. Shaw and PeterboroughCarter-Edwards, Dennis2010$6.00
31Lumberjack in the Court House: the remarkable career of Judge Joseph Wearing.Wearing, Joseph2011$6.00
32The Rev. Vincent Clementi: Renaissance Man of the KawarthasDibben, Catherine2012$6.00
33Pillar of the Community: The Story of Peterborough's Carnegie LibraryGriffin, Matthew2013$6.00
34Warships on the Waterway: Royal Canadian Navy Motor Launches on the Trent Canal During World War 2Brunger, Alan2014$6.00
35Oshkigmong: The Curve in the Lake; A History of the Mississauga Community of Curve Lake: Origins of the Curve Lake AnishnabekWhetung-Derrick, Mae2015$6.00
36John Craig- Stories from his Kawartha PastPeterman, Michael A.2016$6.00
37Two Men, Two Wars: Peterborough's John Kelleher and James RollinsWillcock, Donald2017$6.00
38Peterborough and the Spanish Flu: The Challenge of Contagious Disease in theEra of the First World WarStanden, Dale2018$6.00
39Another Day in Paradise: Reflections of a Peterborough BooksellerJokinen, Mark2019$6.00
40Back to the Future: 130 Years of Public Health in the Kawarthas. Proceedings of the Public Health Conferencemultiple authors 2020$6.00
41Peterborough Remembers Its Fallen: The City and County Citizens' War MemorialWillcock, Don2021$6.00
42 The Many Working Lives of Robert Romaine Brown, Ken 2022$6.00

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