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General Interest

Covering a wide range of subjects, including 19th century Ontario history, fiction, and other genres.

Title Author Price Genre
500 Brickwall Solutions to Geneaology Problems The Publishers of Family Chronicle Magazine $30.00 research
A Brief Examination of the Practice of the Times Ralph Sandiford $10.00 history
A Scented Christmas $5.00
A Closet for Ladies and Gentlewomen Anonymous $15.00 food history/historical recipes
A Corner of Empire: The Old Ontario Strand T.R. Glover & D.D. Calvin $10.00 history
A Gentlewoman in Upper Canada: (1969 edition) Anne Langton $15.00 history
A Quill and Quiet Stream Clayton William Thexton $5.00 poetry
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Lewis Carroll $5.50 children's literature
Amid the Guns Below $10.00
An Address Book for Naturalists Doris Huestis Speirs (ed.) $5.00 gift
An Immigrant Orphan's Story: Longing for Love Frances Zaniewski $10.00 history
An Historical Almanac of Canada Lena Newman $20.00 history
Approaching Ontario's Past Ontario Historical Society $2.00 history
At the Foot of the Rapids $15.00
Best Seat in the House Robert Fulford $8.00 memoir
Bridget's Black '47 Dorothy Perkyns $12.99 YA fiction
By the Sound of Her Whistle John Craig $15.00 history
Canada's Governors General 1867 to 1952 John Cowan $30.00 history/reference guide
Canadians at Table: a Culinary History of Canada Dorothy Duncan $35.00 food history
The Canadian Empress: Building the Last Canadian Cruise Ship Robert W. Preston $24.95 marine history
Canoeing North Into the Unknown: 1874-1974 Bruce Hodgins & Gwyneth Hoyle $30.00 marine history
Casselman's Canadian Words Bill Casselman $19.95 humour
Century of Conflict $20.00
Close to the Earth $15.00
Dear Canada: A Rebel's Daughter Janet Lunn $15.00 YA fiction
Dear Canada: Blood Upon Our Land Maxine Trottier $15.00 YA fiction
Dear Canada: A Trail of Broken Dreams Barbara Haworth-Attard $15.00 YA fiction
Deck the Halls $5.00
Delicious Mirth: The Life & Times of James McCaroll Michael Peterman $40.00 biography
Driftwood, and other poems P.J. Peters $20.00 poetry
Drunk as a Boiled Owl: James Shields James Shields $4.00 humour/memoir
Early Clothing in Southern Ontario Eileen Collard $10.00 history
Early Furniture in Upper Canada Jeanne Minhinnick$3.00 history
English Bloods: In the Backwoods of Muskoka , 1878 Frederick de la Fosse $24.95 history
Everyday Folk Art: Hooked Rugs and Quilts to Make Laurie Simpson & Polly Minick $10.00 historic crafts
Fighting for Democracy : A Canadian Activist in Spain's Civil War Jim Higgins with Jeanette Higgins $23.00 history/memoir
Flight Connie Brummel Crook $9.00 YA fiction
Foe J.M. Coetzee $15.00 fiction
For God and Humanity $20.00
From Sea Unto Sea; The Road to Nationhood W.G. Hardy $20.00 history
Gifts of Age Charlotte Painter $2.00 history/memoir
Good Bones Margaret Atwood $11.00 fiction
Goodroom, Eh? Elva V. Bates $25.00
Gosport: A Pictorial History Ian Edelman$20.00 history
Great Forests and Mighty Men: Early Years in Canada's Vast Woodlands David Lee $24.95 history
Great Scots! How the Scots Created Canada Matthew Shaw $24.95 history
Greenbank: Country Matters in 19th Century Ontario Hugh Graham $24.95 history
Hearth and Home: Women and the Art of Open Hearth Cooking Fiona Lucas $19.95 women's history
House Calls: The True Story of a Pioneer DoctorAinslie Manson $15.95 children's picture book
Industry and Humanity William Lyon Mackenzie King $20.00 political history
Land Where the Sky Begins; North America's Endangered Tall Grass Prairie and Aspen ParklandDennis & Barbara Huck $29.95 nature
Literary Sketches $10.00
Loyal She Remains: A Pictorial History of Ontario United Empire Loyalists' Association of Ontario $75.00 history
Maple Moon Connie Brummel Crook $9.95 children's fiction
Mary Prince and Ashton Warner:
two slave narratives transcribed by Susanna Moodie
Molly Blyth, Michael Peterman (eds.) $19.95 history
Mirror of My Soul $10.00
Mother Nature's Magic Seed Laura Mallory $6.95 children's fiction
More Dating Old Photographs $20.00 research
Mr. J. Churchill Arlidge: Flute Virtuoso Bob Arlidge $30.00 biography
My Dearest Wife: The Private and Public Lives of James David Edgar and Matilda Ridout Edgar Maud J. McLean & Robert M. Stamp $21.95 biography
Nellie's Quest Connie Brummel Crook $6.99 YA fiction
Nellie's Victory Connie Brummel Crook $7.99 YA Fiction
Nellie's Victory (used) Connie Brummel Crook $5.00 YA Fiction
Night Music: An Anthology of Poems $10.00
Nothing More Comforting: Canada's Heritage Food Dorothy Duncan $27.00 food history
Once Upon a Time $14.95
Ontario History: Autumn $15.00
Paddling Partners: Fifty Years of Northern Canoe Travel Bruce W. Hodgins & Carol Hodgins $15.00 memoir/marine history
Piling Blood Al Purdy $44.00 poetry
Pioneer Arts & Crafts Edwin Guillet $5.00 crafts
Poets of Confederation Malcolm Ross $17.00 poetry (historical)
The Power of the Press $19.95
Remarkable Years $45.00
Robert Service: Under the Spell of the Yukon Enid Mallory $32.95 biography
Rolling Home: A Cross Canada Railroad Memoir Tom Allen $25.00 memoir
Sam Slick in Pictures; The Humour of Thomas Chandler Haliburton Thomas Chandler Haliburton $20.00 humour/historical
Saving Family Memories $6.95
Seen from a Canoe $16.00
Selected Poems of William Telford William Telford $10.00 poetry
Silent Casualties $20.00 history
Standards of the Highest: from Edison to GE Canada Stewart McLaren $40.00 history
Superior Illusions Richard Pope $30.00 history
Susannah's 1837: Rebellion in the Canadas Enid Mallory $27.00
TellFrances Itani $17.00 adult fiction
The As It Happens Files: Radio That May Contain NutsMary Lou Findlay $5.00 memoir
The Canadians Andrew H. Malcolm $20.00 memoir/history
The Diary of Mrs. John Graves SimcoeElizabeth Simcoe $25.00 memoir/history
The Fort Bernard Cornwell $3.00 historical fiction
The General Store $9.95
The Green Tiger $30.00
The Happy Islands: Stories & Sketches of the Georgian BayMarlow A. Shaw and Thoreau Macdonald $10.00 history/memoir
The Kitchen $9,95
The Journals of Mary O'BrienMary O'Brien $20.00 memoir/history
The Landscapes of Confederation - CharlottetownCatherine Hennessey$30.00 history
The Massey Murder: A Maid, Her Master and the Trial that Shocked a CountryCharlotte Gray $34.00 history
The Path of Destiny: Canada From the British Conquest to Home Rule 1763-1850Thomas H. Raddall$20.00 history
The Polar PassionFarley Mowat $40.00 history
The Roof Walkers Keith Henderson $15.00 historical fiction
The Sky's the Limit $24.95
The Sea Around Us Rachel Carson $20.00 nature
The Stone Angel Margaret Laurence $9.00 adult fiction
The Tall Soldier Manuel Alvarez $40.00 memoir
Tinkers Paul Harding $15.00 adult fiction
Twentieth Century Furniture $5.00 history/reference
Trent Severn Waterway: Boating & Road Guide Ontario Travel Guides$12.95 guidebook
War of 1812: Highlighting Native Nations Zig Misiak $2.95 history
Winter studies and summer rambles in Canada Anna Jameson $9.95 memoir
Women's Costume in Early Ontario Katharine B. Brett $5.00 history/reference
Winston Churchill and his Inner Circle John Colville $9.00 history
Victorian Christmas $9.95
Young Mr. Smith in Upper Canada Mary Larratt Smith$10.00 history