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April Break Day Camp Kits

While Hutchison House is not able to accommodate Day Camps at the museum at this time, we would like to bring the museum to you!

Hutchison House staff has prepared instructional videos and material kits for three of our most popular day camp programs: Kaleidoscopes, Marionettes and Crazy Quilt Squares.

Instructional videos can be found by going to the Hutchison House YouTube channel or by following the links below. Material Kits can be purchased from the museum at a cost of $15 each or 2 for $25. Also available are previous Camp Kits Teddy Bears, Bookbinding and Fairies and Toadstools.

For inquiries about our Day Camp kits or to purchase one please contact the museum office at 705-743-9710.

Pick Up: Curbside Pick up available by appointment Wed April 14-Friday April 6.

Crazy Quilt Squares



Teddy Bears