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John A. Macdonald, Elizabeth Hall and Beavermead Farm

Speaker series: Ken Brown.

On 21 December 1860 the prominent Peterborough widow, Elizabeth Hall, wrote to John A. Macdonald beginning, “My loved John,” and closing, “Goodbye my own darling, Love your loving Lizzie.” Historians have long known of this letter, but until now, not much of the backstory. Ken Brown sheds new light on the financial challenges of Elizabeth, the fate of the George Barker Hall estate, and Macdonald’s activities in developing and selling Beavermead. And what of John A’s relationship with Elizabeth Hall? By inserting himself into Mrs. Hall’s affairs, Macdonald accepted considerable financial risk with no prospect of return other than the goodwill of the very friendly sounding Elizabeth Hall. Ken Brown has written extensively about the history of businesses and businessmen in the Peterborough area.

Tuesday, January 18th, 2022 at 7:30 p.m. on Zoom. Register to attend by sending an email note to  with “Hall” in the subject line. Deadline to register is noon, January 18th.

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Elizabeth Hall, PMA, Hall-D’Olier Fonds, 2021-020.