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Pairings-SOLD OUT

A series of exclusive evenings with local businesses, a local Bakery all held at Peterborough Historical Society owned Hutchison House.  Picture yourself in the cozy setting of Hutchison Houses’ Keeping Room for tea or coffee, while enjoying exciting topics of learning from local businesses and sampling some of Peterborough’s finest treats and sweets.  Join us for a series of wonderful evenings you won’t want to miss every Wednesday evening from 7-8:30 in April. A limited number of tickets will be sold for this event.  Priced at $10 you will want to reserve your seat by calling Hutchison House at (705) 743-9710 or email at .

Pairings Cahill Black Honey
Pairings Restwell Buttertart Factory
Pairings Conservation Clinic Tragically Dipped
Pairings Pcmg Chocolate Rabbit